Hirofumi Nagano

Born in Fukuoka Prefecture. School of Photography in Tokyo (now Tokyo Visual Arts) graduates. After a major advertising production company, independent Year 1991 (private office R・A・N・K・A established). 2007 opened a studio with natural light along the Shibuya Koen-dori. Advertising, fashion, editorial active center. The Canon Gallery 2007 exhibition held last summer in "lights of fifteen -Only one of the girls found the universe" in the subject and a lot of filming in a unique tone full of feeling and natural look transparent, Since then, the photos are working actress and idol.

R・A・N・K・A Established
"Surfer's Portraits" Photo CD-ROM released (SYNFOREST)
Vantan design institute, visual school a part-time teacher (3 years of experience)
"(Where is Mommy?)" Shinjuku Minolta Gallery
"(Where is Mommy?)" Minolta Gallery, Osaka
"HARUNA" photo exhibition at Laforet Harajuku (WALL PLAY participation)
International Kontenporarifesutibaru 2003 TOKYO
"(Where is Mommy?)" Exhibit (FM.TOKYO)
Workshop on Re-Design Construction (Canon Kuwasawa Design Design Center) "to record the movement" by teachers
"Lights of 15" Photo Exhibition Ginza / Umeda Cannon Gallery
Canon photo circle than 10 departments portrait photo session, by a genre master
Gakken from November 11 to 7 starlet who omnibus photo "drop" released (photos, poetry, art direction)
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